Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Travel Wednesdays - Travel

I hate when you type a word so many times that it starts to lose meaning. I was working on my travel post for next week... because I was having some inspiration issues for this week... and finally I decided to just talk about Travel in general. But I've used the word too much and now it just looks and sounds weird.

Oh well.

I'd say travel is fairly important to me... I've been doing it pretty much constantly since I was born in Germany on an American military base. At about three-weeks old, my mom took me to Paris to visit the Louvre. And since then we've traveled pretty much every weekend/holiday/school break exploring different corners of the world. We've also moved a lot because of her job, so I've lived in Germany, Turkey, Virginia (four different times), California, Florida and France. I also took a year off and traveled around the world. I'm up to 66 countries at this point and my goal is to get to 100 someday so I can join the Traveler's Century Club.

So here are some fun travel-y things for your consideration.

Compass ring, YOUgNeek
Train travel collage, apfelstrudel
Seatbelt passport wallet, interrobang
Jet necklace, geelizzie
Travel stationary cards, nicolealesi
Sample size travel pack, LilacAve
Mountain Dew luggage tag, squigglechick
Mornings Road, impulseART
Journey pendant, phoebemax
Journey journal, crackeddesigns
Weekend bag, StudioOneDesigns

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