Monday, September 13, 2010

Crayon Box Mondays - Sweet Brown

So it's just one of those Mondays where there aren't quite enough cups of coffee in existence. You don't want to know what number I'm on. But on the plus side, I made it out of the house (which was doubtful earlier), ran some errands, and made it all the way to... a coffee shop. Northside is tied for first place in my heart, but it's definitely first in the DC area. (What's the other you ask? Stardust in Orlando.)

Anywho. So coffee is the color/taste/smell of the day. Sadly, Crayola failed to ever have a crayon named that... so I'm going with "Sweet Brown," which is actually a fairly apt description at any rate.

Here is my lovely beverage I'm currently enjoying. Gorgeous, no?

Sooo... onto the coffee festivities. Which, apologies, are bound to me more coffee related than coffee-color related. That's what seven a lot of cups of coffee will do to you. At least I can still type.

Coffee marshmallows, calabasascandyco
Hello Darkness My Old Friend Print, standard
Emoticon coffee cozy, MouthyMitts
Coffee love necklace, PenelopesPorch
Under Pressure print, artbear
Felted stones, Fairyfolk 
Bold t-shirt, laughinghyena  <--when you get this, it comes in a coffee bag... how hilarious/awesome is that?!
Java sack pillow, georgiamarbles
DIY felt cafe drinks, umecrafts
Caffeine molecule tattoo, ElectrikPinkPirate
Gift card notebook, AlmondWorks
Espresso brown vase, corporanglass