Friday, September 17, 2010

Zeitgeist Freitag - sleuths, detetctives, and investigators... oh my!

I've recently been watching a lot of Veronica Mars on Netflix. I don't know how I missed this show when it was on TV, but I'm finally catching up on all of the awesomeness. And this got me to thinking about private investigators and woman sleuths and how generally cool they are. I remember spending one whole summer reading all of the Nancy Drew books (in order, which drove my local librarian crazy since she had to get the missing ones from other libraries). I loved watching Scooby-Doo and my favorite was always Velma. And who could forget Miss Marple?

If you want to read some more on this topic, here's an interesting article I found. It's an overview of a critical survey of women in mystery and detective fiction.

But if you're an aspiring detective who wants to get out there and do some real sleuthing, some ideas...

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